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Carnival sabbatical? It has, yes sir!

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Brasília (DF) - Nothing ziriguidum, or Telecoteco balacobaco. As a part of Brazil ’on fire’ in 144 hours of feasting and tens of kilometers squeeze squeeze behind the trio, the other half escapes the ’mess’ to invest in an intimate and transformational break. Change the carnival for a short sabbatical to turn off the world and ’air’ personal and professional plans may be the perfect strategy for those who do not enjoy the carnival, but is passionate about traveling in Brazil. World of tambourines is leagues route paths Rural , quiet and a lovely circuit which includes places of rare natural beauty and activities in small agroecological farms. With the support of the project Community Based Tourism (TBC), the Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry), the destination is structured to receive tourists and "anti-revelers." "During the six days of carnival in Brazil, about two million trips within the country will have as destination cities away from the great centers of hype," says the director of the Research Department of the Ministry of Tourism, Francisco José Salles Lopes. COURSE THE INTERIOR Upon arrival at Salgado Filho airport, the traveler spends 30 minutes a short distance to Old Bethlehem, one of the 11 districts of the tourist route, gateway to the circuit that is in the rural area of Porto Alegre (RS). There, the ’Carnival’ is the profusion of colors of 60,000 ornamental plants - among showy species of palms, bromeliads, delicate orchids - grown in at least three breeding. In orchards, tasting native fruits such as guava, and exotic araticum butia to give more flavor to the script based on the way of country life, simple and hospitable habits. Horse riding and cycling and wine tasting produced by two wineries craft of the region make up the menu of activities in a setting surrounded by the stillness of the verdant hills and marked by the traditional cuisine campeira. According to Webber Mauri, president of the Rural Porto Alegre, entity which brings together 25 enterprises participating in the route, the site is often used for spiritual retreats (has sanctuaries, caves and spaces for meditation) and is much visited by gaucho families and groups of tourists from all parts of Brazil. The public is interested in learning techniques of plant cultivation, agro-ecological practices to know and participate in the ’read’ the field, and test products of the earth that are at least curious: among them are the bread of nettles, the soft lily marsh and edible flowers. circuit 30 brings tourist facilities ’where you can live and experience the concept of sustainable tourism in practice’, it guarantees the leader. The diversified production of fruits, vegetables, and juices, honey, cakes (bread stuffed), colonial cheeses, jams jams and jellies (the ’chimias’ Gaucho) can be tasted there, chilled out of the ovens and vegetable gardens of properties families in the region. The route has an inn, a guesthouse set in a former horse farm, and also option to stay in the homes of families who keep the farms in the circuit. Seven receptive tourism agencies offer tours starting from the Park of the Redemption, in Porto Alegre, in the visits called " Sunday in the Field . " About 100,000 people have passed through the circuit since 2005. MYSTICISM IN MINES who was born in Brazil and has confetti and streamers running through the veins may also invest in a stay of five days for "ward" most serene of Minas Gerais. The state gained fame by tourist Araxá pleasant spas and the spa treatments using medicinal mud including aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, but there is much more than these little wonders to explore. In the region of Santa Barbara, for example, about 100 km from the capital Belo Horizonte (MG), a stretch of the Royal Road passes through the Shrine of Caraga , a mystical and inspiring that has the power to "turn off" the visitor world . Without internet and a community television, the temple provides intimate experiences and moments of reflection. Several waterfalls circumvent the landscape virtually untouched and endangered species of animals can be observed in rare moments of contact with the man - in the case of a maned wolf that is powered by a resident priest for many years. The average price of daily in the inn of the sanctuary is $ 80 per person. According to the sociologist Alfredo Bastos mining, the region that spans at least five times, there are places that bring together individual pieces can not miss the cultural and natural heritage of Minas Gerais. "In the National Park Caraga, walks and trails that lead to the Sun Peak and the Peak Inficionado are magnificent, "says the experienced traveler, stating that lookouts and small waterfalls until you reach the top which is 2072 meters from the ground form a lush and challenging way. "You have to moderate fitness for a walk of five hours of climbing very inclined" recommends Bastos. The effort is small compared to the reward of arrival, the look, from above the clouds, is transcendental. "I’ve been there for at least five times, because this is a monumental places of Mines, who always has something new to offer," he says. mineirinha Another attraction is the region of centennial farms around Ipoema in the city of Itabira ( MG), which also is located the Museum of the Drover. One of the impacts of tropeirismo in state history is present today in beans drover, one of the specialties of the kitchen mining. "These are villages special welcoming touch with the culture and cuisine of Minas fascinating," says sociologist fan of the tourist route. Witnesses of the past are also in Cocais District, where three large stone walls hold paintings with an estimated age six thousand years, and in Catas Altas, small and charming village where it is necessary to appreciate the incredible length of churches and houses well preserved baroque architecture. "Who goes through Catas Altas should also visit Bicame Stone, a phenomenal archaeological site built in the late 18th century to be an aqueduct supply," recommends Alfredo Bastos. said Rodrigo Azevedo, turismólogo the Estrada Real Institute, there are guided tours available in all parts of the region and route markings to guide travelers. Moreover, it is available, at the very site of the Royal Road, a system that assists in the selection of the tourist attractions of the trip itinerary. NORTHEAST FREVO WITHOUT A third option for those seeking relax the mind and ears with no ax to or from samba Guaramiranga, city of six thousand inhabitants which is located in the region of Ceará Baturité, where the climate has more to do with Europe than with the Northeast of Brazil. A major music festival climbs the mountain every year, throwing the spotlight on rhythms that have little or no "voice" in the carnival festivities in the country in the 13th Jazz & Blues Festival , instrumentalists six nationalities are an ode to the genre, leading music better quality public squares and stages of small northeastern city. Adriano Moneta, 41, is part of the legion of lovers do not like frevo rhythms, samba, pagode and funk. Lover of jazz, want to program to celebrate the "non-Carnival" in the event of Ceara in the coming year. "[During the Carnival] I feel like a fish out of water ... The festival is an excellent idea because it allows people to revel with other types of music. Also, never went to Ceara and would love to know. In fact, when you can travel actually be there. Imagine a haven away from the revelry, only with music that, in my opinion worth listening to, "he says.
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Carnival sabbatical? It has, yes sir!
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Sun, February 19 2017
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