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Plan Siembra Petrolera "Vision Oil and Gas to 2030

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The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, presented the vision of the oil industry for the next 25 years. The plan will promote the construction of refineries in the country and also in Latin America to increase refining capacity and promote the development of the nation. The president Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías presented a set of strategic plans for hidrocarburífica industry from 2005 to 2030. These plans are designed with a duration of 25 years "to coincide with the Bicentennial Bolivarian 1830-2030 and at the end we tell the world that we have not plowed the sea," said Chavez during his speech. The vision which today is raised for Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and its projection in Latin America are exposed, then extracts from the inaugural address of the head of state. "The strategic project created and generated by the New PDVSA, is a national project in which we have been advancing for several years, ye which the national government in the country as a whole is committed to the body, nerve, heart and spirit ... " In perspective "Here is the country saved, rebuilt and in full swing, an irreversible process forever. I propose to honor the spirit of that sentence, after the famous writer Arturo Uslar Pietro, Dr. Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso and all those who warned, they wrote, they said, fought and even died for the National Petroleum Sovereignty, which we call the Plan 2005 - 2030: Sowing the Oil. Key components of this Strategic Plan are: quantification and certification of reserves, Orinoco Project, Project Delta Caribbean, and Refining Infrastructure and Regional Integration. ... All I know Venezuela: Venezuela’s oil was in the hands of a corrupt elite, anti-national, unpatriotic and powerful international interests. This elite had managed to control the oil company from your brain to your hands policy, strategy, business, and had placed immense potential to serve foreign interests. " Reserves Certification The first project aims to certify the Venezuelan oil reserves to the world. It is an exploration plan for the coming years, wider scientific work, foresight. The total area of the Orinoco Oil Belt is 55 000 314 Km2. In operation are 11 000 593 Km2. The area to be quantified is 18 thousand Km2. A reserved area and other remaining 25 thousand km2. Orinoco project The Orinoco project includes the axis of the Orinoco River and covers the Apure River. Is the exploitation and development of the Strip in their different fields, Boyaca, Junin, Ayacucho and Carabobo (formerly Machete, Zuata, Hamaca and Cerro Black, respectively). Oil Sowing Plan implies use oil as a lever for development of this axis and this whole country. Now oil is used in this direction, to promote comprehensive development, social, economic, productive. We could take a block of Orinoco oil belt to make an alliance between South American oil companies, for example, ECOPETROL, Petroecuador, Petroperu Enarsa of Argentina, because we want to make the order of our peoples of the planet is rich in energy for future development. The oil elite was but an instrument of U.S. hegemonic interests and corporations. So needless to say, ’with the truth and offend or fear. " Delta Caribbean: Gas Industrialization The gas will be used as an endogenous development for industrialization. We are the eighth country with the largest gas reserves in the world. Gas potential that we have begun to develop for the benefit of our people and integration; energy cooperation with countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Gas Project is divided into several specific approaches: the construction of the Industrial Complex Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho (CIGMA) in the Paria Peninsula, Sucre state, the Deltana Platform, where we began to drill, the Rafael Urdaneta Project in Gulf of Venezuela and adjacent Paraguaná peninsula in Falcon state. The gas we call Project Delta Caribe, referring to the Orinoco Delta and the Caribbean, and is an act of sovereignty over a geopolitical space. We are giving way to the front to the Caribbean and a side step to the right towards our front Atlantic, was withdrawn. We must ensure all those energy resources for the consumption of our population. Everyone has the right to consume these resources to improve our standard of living. We are thinking of an oil pipeline running from the state of Sucre to the center of the country, crossing the Plains, to take gas to the west and thus balance the potential, the same north and south. Momentum and refining infrastructure The development of infrastructure, ie inside Venezuela, refineries, terminals, oil installations. The pipelines are 99% located in the north, and have large areas where there is a refinery or an oil pipeline or a pipeline, a power plant or oil. We have to balance the infrastructure to promote the development of the country . This plan includes the building of a refinery in Venezuela, one of which will be on the plains of Barinas, whose capacity will be at 50 thousand barrels of oil. Then another refinery is scheduled to Caripito, Monagas state, also 50 thousand barrels per day asphalt refinery and star, the new, there Cabruta in Guarico state, 400 thousand barrels of oil, in the heart of the Orinoco , the heart of Venezuela. The plan we have is here installing a development center in the geographical heart of the country. Some projects are already underway. We are now refining one million 300 thousand barrels, ie, we are exporting 2 million barrels or so. With this plan we will increase the refinery to 2 million barrels refined in our territory. Part of the development project is to increase refining capacity in our region and surrounding areas of Latin America, for example, the refinery in Pernambuco, Brazil. Regional integration We proposed at the last meeting of the Andean Community in Lima, Petroandina creation, and has been well received by everyone. We have proposed to South America, and we are moving in the creation of Petrosur with Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and hope that more countries continue adding Petrosur. We have created Petrocaribe with our brothers in the Caribbean. We are in discussions with governments, with some Central American leaders to see how Central America also help to strengthen political, economic and social Bolívar’s dream for a multipolar world. "
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Mon, February 20 2017
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The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, presented the vision of the oil